Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Kickstarter Game arrived !!

Backed this game a while back and finally came in, been waiting on this one.
Random Encounters. This is a Co-operative fantasy ROG card game.
In Random Encounters, each player takes on the role of a Character with unique abilities, heading out on a grand journey across the country. Help one another take on the Encounters in the Forest, Caves, and Abandoned Kingdom, each with their own fearsome Boss Monsters. Defeat a Boss Monster from all 3 levels and you win!

• 4 Dice (with a 'Star' icon instead of the number 6)
• 6 Clear Health gems
• 12 Strength, Dexterity, and Magic Skill tokens
• 9 Attack, and Defense tokens
• 12 Star tokens • 9 Character cards
• 75 Encounter cards -25 Level 1 Forest Encounters -25 Level 2 Cave Encounters -25 Level 3 Abandoned Kingdom Encounters
• 75 Loot cards -25 Level 1 Copper Loot cards -25 Level 2 Silver Loot cards -25 Level 3 Gold Loot cards
• 9 Boss cards -3 for each Level
• 1 Double-Sided Monster Health Card

The Components are top quality ! Gameplay is Very easy to learn and play. Me and my wife sat down and played within 10 minutes of me reading through the rulebook, Of course we lost to the Level 3 Kingdom Boss... but we shall prevail !!

Check them out at Regular People Gaming

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