Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Saturdays Warmachine duels

Cryx vs Scyrah and Scyrah vs Cygnar

Warjack strike team

Finished up all the warjacks I have so far. 2 Ironclads, 2 Chargers and 3 Lancers as well as Warcaster Coleman Stryker.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Base coat

Up early this morning getting the board painted with the base Brown coat.
Ran out of the darker brown so added a little lighter brown to the mix for little contrast. When this dries I will be adding the light brown highlight with dry rushing and green in other areas. Hopefully I can get it ready to add the grass flock layer this afternoon.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Basing terrain

Trying to get more terrain pieces ready to go for tomorrow afternoons games.
Ruined building and some security fences.

Waiting on the sand to dry seems to be the theme for today :)

Terrain board part two

Just finished coating the terrain board with the final glue/water coat before I start the paint process tomorrow. I wanted to make certain the sand wouldn't fall off and if so as little as possible.

Another surprise ...

The infamous UPS man left me another surprise today! Now I hope to start cranking out more painted figures.

Warmachine Rules!

No really rules, as in the rule book for the game. Relieved my copy of the MKII rules this afternoon. Now more reading material.

35 point Skirmish this Saturday

Tomorrow me and rollntider will have the tie breaker with a 35 point skirmish game using the hope to be completed 4x4 gaming terrain board. Good luck ! In the  mean time ....

15 point Duel

Our 2nd battle was a 15 point duel with various models at our disposal.

I took out his Slayer warjack right off the bat in the 2nd round, then he made his comeback by popping his feat and dropping all my stats -2 across the board.

At the end of the game both of our Warcasters has one hit point left. Good game Chris. Game 2 goes to Rollntider.

Starter box duel

Me and Rollntider had our first duel with the starter box figures. I didn't have the 4x4 game board ready so we played on a 3x3 card table.
Cygnar a are ready for action.

Cryx look to be a little intimidated by the sheer awesomeness of the Cygnars. 

He almost took out my lancer warjack but I was able to swoop in for the kill on his warcaster.  Game 1 goes to me.


Forces of Cygnar

Received my soft cover copy of the Forces of Warmachine Cygnar Faction book yesterday. Look forward to reading it this weekend.

Wargaming Terrain Board

Started on the first of many 4x4 gaming boards for Warmachine yesterday.
Got it all framed up

Added the glue and water mixture then sand. Now wait for it to all dry.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Foam board terrain demo

Cityscape terrain

Piece of foam board city building I made this past weekend . Started out as just a test piece but turned out pretty good. Foam board and popcicle sticks can't get any simpler then that.