Sunday, August 24, 2014

WWX Token Set

What is an awesome tabletop game with awesome painted miniatures without awesome painted tokens and markers?  A little paint and some dry-brushing gave the plastic tokens set a little more wooden genre feel to them.

Wild West Exodus Terrain

I have the base coat and a few dry brush coats on the new western terrain. Still have yet a couple more fine touches to do to them and then start on more terrain. I should have an entire town finished by Christmas time when Rollntider can be able to play since his set is his Xmas present :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wild Wild West Terrain

Picked up the Wild West Exodus starter box this past week so I figured I would need some western terrain. I had a ton of popsicle sticks and coffee stirrers so I thought I would put them to use. I still have a lot more houses and buildings I will be making as well as painting them but this is a good start.



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Run Fight or Die Mutant Zombie

So I finished up the Mutant Zombie from Run Fight or Die tonight. I think it turned out pretty good, it was a fairly large figure at 3" so it wasn't to bad to paint.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Run Fight Or Die

Picked up Run fight or Die board game off of kickstarter last year in November 2013. I received my copy via UPS Thursday of last week with all the kickstarter bonuses. Couldn't wait to open it all up and check out all the zombie miniatures.

So I had a few friends over Saturday night to try it our for the first time and figure out the rules and such. Chris, Daniel and Tim came by and we gave it a shot. The rules were very easy to learn and very easy to teach. Took us one game run through and we had it down.

Gameplay was very fun and exciting, I thought it may be a slow paced game with each player having a turn to roll dice and all but it went pretty smooth. Took about an hour for a regular 4 player game, and maybe an hour and a half to two hours for a coop game.

The Coop game was very fun but we noticed that one of the Objectives that we had drawn to complete was a very tough one, having to gather 3 infected followers to complete the task, and there only being 3 infected followers in the entire deck took quite some time . Chris dies right before we got the last follower. All in all everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game and is looking forward to playing it again very soon. I may even try to talk the wife and kids into a game tonight after dinner.

I can't wait to tackle the painting of the Mutant Boss figure. We may also give the zombie horde expansion a try next weekend to see how the mechanics of the runners, brutes and crawlers work out.
Last thoughts on this game; its very easy to learn, very easy to teach, and very fun to play. Great job !

Run, Fight or Die! is a frantic zombie game that pits each player against their own personal groups of zombies.