Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More table add ons..

Picked up a few items for my table to add some more little of the finishing touches...
These are Resin casts from Acheson Creations

Garbage bins

Tires and barrel

Barrels and Bins and stacks of tires
Very well cast items at a very reasonable price. Will most certainly be picking up more from this company. 

This is not a Test

This was our first test run for This is not a test (TNT), the Fallout- wasteland skirmish miniatures game from World End Publishing and written by Joseph McGuire.
This was the board setup with the homemade terrain I made and the wife painted.

Another Shot of the full table.

Rad Roach and a couple of rats I painted up for the hazards of the wastes. They are miniatures from the Reaper Bones collection.

This  is a shot from the first part of the game, we played the Pest control scenario , some of my terrain as well as a few Trailers and care from Chris's collection.

Over the shoulder shot from the Peacekeeper Warden taking a shot at a Rad zombie.

Here is a shot from the view of my Outrider sniping a few Rad zombies from atop a building.

Here is a shot from Chris Sniper taking a few pop shots at a Rad zombie cluster.
Rad zombies everywhere...

Overhead shot of the table mid game, the Rad zombies were spawning everywhere.

Last round of the game and 3 of my 5 warband crewmembers guns jammed , what an ending!!