Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This is not a Test

This was our first test run for This is not a test (TNT), the Fallout- wasteland skirmish miniatures game from World End Publishing and written by Joseph McGuire.
This was the board setup with the homemade terrain I made and the wife painted.

Another Shot of the full table.

Rad Roach and a couple of rats I painted up for the hazards of the wastes. They are miniatures from the Reaper Bones collection.

This  is a shot from the first part of the game, we played the Pest control scenario , some of my terrain as well as a few Trailers and care from Chris's collection.

Over the shoulder shot from the Peacekeeper Warden taking a shot at a Rad zombie.

Here is a shot from the view of my Outrider sniping a few Rad zombies from atop a building.

Here is a shot from Chris Sniper taking a few pop shots at a Rad zombie cluster.
Rad zombies everywhere...

Overhead shot of the table mid game, the Rad zombies were spawning everywhere.

Last round of the game and 3 of my 5 warband crewmembers guns jammed , what an ending!!

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