Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back after a rough year!

Hi everyone, its been almost a year since I posted last and updated my Painting Blog. It has been a rough year with my wife falling ill then Breaking her leg. She has been out of work for a while so that means more work hours for me to keep us afloat.
I have been building models and painting as much as I can with what time I have had. Hopefully I can start updating this blog more frequently. Until next time here are a few pictures of some models I have painted this week and before.

Pulp City Team Alliance Kickstarter models.

Marvel Universe Miniatures game, The X-men Starter Set

Finally finished my Pandora crew starter set for Malifaux

Malifaux Waldgeist

Malifaux Guild The Torch and the Blade starter set

Malifaux Terror Tots

Malifaux Teddy !!

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