Saturday, November 9, 2013

More sedition wars goodies...

I only thought I was finished painting the Sedition wars miniatures for the game, but I have been buying up lots and lots of extras on eBay these past few weeks. Still have a few Kickstarter exclusives I am still looking at on eBay to complete my set .
List of minis to paint in the next few weeks are :
  • Gnosis Battle Suit Kara Black
  • Aphid Loader Barker Zosa
  • Incinerator Morgan Vade
  • Keegan Kor (Riddick)
  • Battle-Damaged Akosha
  • Vokker Dargu
  • Jade Iron Lily
  • Calamity Crew (Firefly)
  •  I will get some pictures of them up tomorrow .

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